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Auksė Drozdova Auksė Drozdova
Category: Vedliai
Patirtis: 14 years

Auksė Drozdova Auksė Drozdova
Category: Kirpėjai
Patirtis: 12 years

Prisirišimo Jausmas Prisirišimo Jausmas
Category: Veislynai
Veislė: Schnauzer (Mittelschnauzer)
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Monika Varkuleviciene Monika Varkuleviciene
Šalis: Lithuania
Miestas: Kretinga
metų: 37

Daivas G. Daivas G.
Šalis: Lithuania
Miestas: Vilnius
metų: 53
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Vardas: Auksė
Pavardė: Drozdova
Šalis: United Kingdom
Miestas: Birmingham
Gimimo diena: 04.04.1991
metų: 29
Status: Kviesti DRAUGAUTI
Short info:
HANDLING ​ I handling all FCI group breeds and non recognized FCI group breeds. You can meet me in all England, Baltic countries and less in other Europe countries. My handled dogs winning Best Of Breed, Best In Group and Best In Show titles in National, International and Speciality shows.
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Auksė Drozdova Auksė Drozdova
United Kingdom

my own home page: our kennel home page:
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